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According to the Oxford dictionary, the word, “Asset” means “an item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value…”, whilst the word, “Monetization” means “…the process of earning revenue from an asset…”.

Asset Monetization, therefore, is the process or act of earning revenue from your assets, which can include infrastructure, equipment, machinery, property, etc. It means converting your assets into forms of currency (Naira – ₦, Euro – €, Pounds – £, Yen – ¥, Dollar – $).

Equipment owners across many industries understand the importance of asset monetization. They understand, “making your assets generate more money and revenue for you.” However, many companies still have inventories up to the hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment, lying idle and underutilized. These include specialized machinery for specific business operations. These companies/equipment owners can supply the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art equipment – with or without qualified operators – when and where customers need it. Yet, they neither have the means or the technical know-how to proceed.

This is why, MEPON as an Asset Monetization Platform, offers individuals, investors, organizations, and governments, a wide range of value added, easily accessible, quality, and affordable services and solutions. These solutions are specialized and range from:

  • Equipment/Property Assessment
  • Advertisement for rentals/lease.
  • Sales/Auction Management, etc.

All the services we provide at MEPON are specialized to help, business owners, companies, investors, and government to convert their assets (equipment, machinery, and tools) into revenue.

In today’s digital and constantly evolving world, MEPON Limited provides an accessible online platform that offers the opportunity to display, advertise and monetize your idle, underutilized, and unutilized assets (tools, equipment, machinery, facility, and other infrastructure) to a global audience.

The MEPON platform is created to give its users and vendors a world-class experience to market to the right audience. Therefore, we offer you our platform to market, advertise and showcase your wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, facility and services to the right individuals, organizations and/or companies at the best industry rates.

Join us to get started today!

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