Equipment Inspection

At MEPON, we set up, manage, and supervise third-party equipment inspections to provide objective and independent professional opinions about all available equipment, machinery and/or facilities, at any given location. Our in-inclusive equipment inspection services will ensure the smooth verification of the fit-for-work condition of all equipment/machinery before you buy, lease and/or rent. 


Our technology enabled platform grants access to our clients and vendors to specific add-on services and subscription packages, to facilitate the movement of both large and small equipment. We will ensure the smooth pickup, delivery and return of equipment, to minimize cost and optimize time management for your projects.

Installation And Commissioning

We have a wide network of dedicated professionals and experts with the practical experience and technical skills required to facilitate the installation and commissioning of your specialized equipment and machinery. We will ensure that the various systems for installation are verified for correct operations, enhanced productivity, and improved safety.


We supply the qualified and well-trained personnel/crew needed to operate your newly acquired equipment, machinery, and/or facility, so that our clients and vendors do not lose valuable project time which will reduce operational costs and improve their operational efficiencies. 


MEPON offers a wide range of advertisement opportunities to our clients and vendors to get all your business operations in front of the right global audience of industry professionals, companies, institutions, and many more. 


We provide first class auction services for both new and used equipment/machinery. These auctions are organised, managed, and supervised to ensure that all our clients and vendors get good value for their time and money.